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We are here to make your event a success, no matter how big or small.



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(1KG $20)

This is the Egyptian way to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, Chrsitmas and Easter – any Egyptian feast is not complete without Kahk. These have a fabulously fine crumb and delicate texture that dissolves in the mouth.

(Regular $15) (Family $20)

Kunafa is an iconic Middle Eastern dessert. it is made from crunchy shredded with shredded Kataifi (phyllo) pastry. Filled with creamy filling, and soaked with a scented simple syrup. Baked to golden perfection.

(6 pieces $12) (12 pieces $18)

Kunafa balls are insanely crunchy and delicious. You can get them filled with CREAM or CHOCOLATE YUM!! Whether you call it “kunafa”, “knefeh”, “knafeh” … It is a dessert for everybody.

(1KG $15)

Crunchy and sweet, yet so soft and airy on the inside.

(Regular $5) (Family $12)

An Egyptian classic as old as time. It’s made from pastry and sweetened condensed milk. The result is crunchy and caramelized on top, deliciously creamy and silky in the bottom.

(Regular $7) (Family $16)

Underneath a layer of chocolate goodness is our even more amazing Egyptian Sweet Pastry! Elevate your taste buds with endless amounts of chocolate

(Regular $5) (Family $12)

A classic Egyptian dessert. Pumpkin is nicely cooked with sugar and butter, covered with creamy filling, then Baked in the oven. Tasted like a dream!

(Regular $6) (Family $14)

We didn’t think you could possibly improve the Egyptian Pumpkin pudding, but looks like you can! We have added our favorite topping … Banana!

(Regular $6) (Family $14)

Adding mango to your dessert will not only enhance the sweet flavor, but it will give you another texture which just lifts the desert even more! Try it next time, you won’t regret it

(Regular $6) (Family $14)

Ashura is a very popular dish in Egypt. It is more than just a flavorsome dessert; it is also rich in carbohydrates that keep you warm and give you the energy you need to stay active.

(Regular $7) (Family $16)

Add some banana next time you order this, and you’ll notice the sweet difference.

(Regular $7) (Family $16)

For a little extra kick of sweetness, add some mango topping to your Wheat pudding, and it will take you to a higher level of deliciousness!

(Regular $6) (Family $14)

What CAN’T you add Oreos to is what we want to know?! It sure does go perfectly well with our Egyptian Wheat pudding

(Regular $5) (Family $10)

Creamy, vanilla-scented, soothing, and satisfying. Our warm rice pudding is a comfort food like no other.

(Regular $6) (Family $14)

We love adding Kunafa to your desserts, especially on a soft rice pudding like this! Gives that extra element of crunch.

(Regular $6) (Family $14)

We are going bananas over how good this is!! Rice Pudding + Bananas = match made in heaven

(Regular $6) (Family $14)

Nothing tops our rice pudding better then adding fresh mango to finish it off.

(Regular $6) (Family $14)

If you haven’t tried our creamy rice pudding with some crunched up Oreo, then you are missing out on life. Once you go Oreo, you can’t go back #wearewarningyou

(Regular $1) (Family $2)

Caramelised Almonds is an irresistible topping that adds a very special taste to any dessert. Enjoy your dessert in a whole new level!

(Regular $1) (Family $2)

The most popular topping for any Egyptian dessert.


Authentic fresh and delicious food that you must try ??
Noha Hassan
Amazing deserts! Best I’ve had in Australia ??
Doaa N. Pankhurst
Try the Egyptian Kahk made by Mohammed - they are 100% delicious, gently fragrant and melt in your mouth!
Serena Horton

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